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Bullying Crombie is shameful

Bonnie Crombie says Doug Ford’s attacks are ‘lame’ and ‘desperate,’ Dec. 5

Seriously? Premier Doug Ford’s government is complaining about what Liberal leader Bonnie Crombie drives and where she vacations while they pander to the rich and famous by proposing to build a private spa at Ontario Place. Hypocrites.

Julia Bowkun, Toronto

Can Premier Doug Ford and his ministers be so petty that they resort to exaggerating Bonnie Crombie’s personal lifestyle instead of simply congratulating her on winning the Liberal leadership? Have they no decency or class? The next election must be about who can best lead Ontario forward. If this is how the Tory leadership responds to this situation, I know who I’ll be voting for.

Charles Campisi, Oakville

Once again, Premier Doug Ford and his government have displayed a lack of class! Instead of congratulating Bonnie Crombie for becoming the leader of the provincial Liberals, they attacked her personally for her lifestyle and achievements. Ford seems to have forgotten that he is a child of privilege, who inherited his successful business from his father. This bullying attitude is shameful!

Jeffrey Manly, Toronto





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