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Toronto should end King Street priority corridor

One of the worst decisions made by the previous city council was to make King Street a transit priority corridor, right through a key part of the business sector. King is the most important street in all of Canada. The amount of commerce that is transacted and key people that need access to King cannot be measured. Restricting traffic is preventing the expansion of business. Confirmed reports indicate that streetcar traffic is no faster or more efficient than previously. Mayor Olivia Chow and her council should support business and open King again.

Mark Borkowski, Toronto

The GTA has had a major increase in traffic this year. Increased construction through the city and on highways has caused many passengers increased delays. When will the city do something about this problem? Moreover, the office rush hour doubles when it snows or rains. We cannot have another winter like this. Growth is at the expense of the people commuting five days a week, who are stuck for hours in traffic. There is no lockdown anymore. Work and schools expect us to report on time. Although taking the subway is an option, one must realize that it does not serve all areas of the city. This creates a huge problem even for commuters who are expected to drive, take a cab or travel by bus or streetcar.

Abhikhya Goel, Toronto





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