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Bison: A Healthy, Sustainable Choice for You and the Planet

Our food choices have an impact on our health and the environment, so it’s important to consider options that are both nutritious and sustainable. One option that is gaining ground is bison meat. Bison meat is not only healthy for us to eat but also has a positive impact on the planet. Canadian bison producers are taking steps to ensure that their practices are not only good for business, but also beneficial for the land they rely on.


Bison meat is often hailed as a healthier alternative to beef and other red meats. It is remarkably lean, with less fat compared to beef, pork, and even chicken. Bison meat is a rich source of high-quality protein, essential for muscle growth and repair. It’s also one of the most nutrient-dense proteins at the retail level, and lower in calories than beef.

Bison have been a part of the Canadian landscape for centuries, but it’s relatively new to grocery stores as a meat choice. Originally found only at farmers markets or direct from ranchers, bison meat is now available at retailers across Canada. And now that it’s in the meat case at your local grocery, Canadians want to know more— about how bison are raised and the impact their grazing has on the environment.


Bison were built for the grasslands, and often graze in areas unsuitable for crops or cattle. Their natural grazing habits help to regenerate the soil, which improves the soil’s ability to capture carbon. Bison can help restore ecosystems by promoting the growth of native grasses, which can benefit other wildlife species. By supporting bison farming, consumers contribute to the preservation of a native North American species that is, once again, thriving on the grassland.


In addition to their positive effects on the environment, bison is known for its great taste. Tasty, tender, and lean, bison can be compared to high-quality beef, but with a hint of sweetness and richness that sets it apart. This meat is hearty and full-flavoured, making every bite a satisfying experience, even with smaller servings. Already a hit at restaurants, bison’s emergence in local grocery stores makes it a new and exciting option for family dinners, adding an extra special touch to mealtime.


Canadian producers are taking steps to improve their land as they raise their bison. This not only benefits bison but also supports a wide range of other wildlife species. For consumers who are mindful of their health and the environment, bison is a natural choice. With its impressive nutritional profile and lower environmental impact compared to beef, bison meat is a good food story. Canadian bison producers are leading the way in adopting sustainable farming practices that benefit both their businesses and the planet. By choosing bison meat, you support your well-being and contribute to the conservation of bison and the health of our grassland ecosystems.

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